Storyteller Series No. 001: Boyfriend's Sweatshirt

Storyteller Series No. 001: Boyfriend's Sweatshirt

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Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.


The hint of crisp fall temperatures cutting through thick, hot lingering remnants of summer in the mornings is my favorite seasonal change. After months of oppressive heat, feeling a slight chill in the morning air immediately boosts my mood. It makes me feel like there is magic again.

It whispers the promise of sweatshirt weather... of fall... my favorite time of the year.

The coming of fall symbolizes a lot of things both for nature and for us. It's a time to harvest what we have grown throughout spring and summer; to prepare for winter; to turn inward, creating cozy spaces for safety, hibernation, growth and reflection.

Autumn is also when leaves fall from their trees, singing nature's beautiful metaphor for the peaceful process of letting go. It's a welcome invitation to release that which we do not need, and surround ourselves with good energy and familiar comforts.

Enter my favorite thing to reach for when desiring cozy and comfort: a boyfriend's worn-in sweatshirt.

Boyfriend's Sweatshirt is the embodiment of a warm hug on a crisp fall morning. Cooling on the top with fresh mulled citrus and eucalyptus, it opens up to woodsy middle notes of fir, cypress, bayberry and herbaceous greens and is embedded with masculine musk, earthy oakmoss, smoky pipe tobacco, and sweet and leathery cedar  + cherry wood. Sexy remnants of smoky oud wood, black pepper, vetiver + hints of vanilla and sandalwood round it out.

Regardless of your romantic status, this candle wraps you in a sexy, woodsy, musky, cozy and manly autumn hug, and is a reminder that your comforts can always be found within.


The Storyteller Series is a new small batch collection of candles that will be released monthly in the insiders email club only. Each of these candles is meant to evoke a person, place, feeling, season or thing through a special scent blend and accompanying story. You may find yourself reflected in these stories, be comforted by a familiar memory, or even whisked away to somewhere enchanted or dreamy. Whatever the case may be, these candles are meant to provide a little moment of escape in your day to day in a fun + unique way.