Pour Your Own Candle Kit - Summer Scents
Pour Your Own Candle Kit - Summer Scents
Pour Your Own Candle Kit - Summer Scents

Pour Your Own Candle Kit - Summer Scents

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Summer Lovin'

Are you ready for a summer activity that is fun, hands-on, and will make your home smell like vacation?? Good, 'cause summer scent candle kits are here!

I've put together these candle kits with everything you need to pour two of your own soy candles right in your kitchen. In your bathing suit. With margaritas in hand. Just be sure to follow my careful instructions, maybe wear an apron over that bikini, and don't do anything silly and hurt yourself... duh.

Select from scent options to the right and I'll ship you a kit with the following items:

  • 100% soy wax flakes
  • 2 containers: one 9oz glass tumbler, one 4oz gold tin
  • A premium fragrance oil vial
  • Cotton wicks
  • Wick stickers
  • Labels
  • Stir stick

You'll also need some things from home, like: a large Pyrex or other heat-resistant measuring pitcher or glass mixing bowl, small to medium saucepan, water, food thermometer (optional), clothespins or chopsticks (or something similar), and cleaning stuff like paper towels and old paper grocery bags.

When you're ready, find the candle making instructions HERE! Video tutorial is COMING SOON ✨.

Label Design: Your label will come with the fragrance notes of the scent you select (as shown in the picture), and there's a space to sign your candle creation with your name. If you'd rather get blank labels so you can decorate them yourself, or would like one of the Social Distancing candle label designs, please let me know in the NOTES section when you check out!

Fragrance Options: Select your summer scent from the drop-down list! NOTE: Some of these scents are limited, so once they are gone, they are gone! If you have any questions on fragrances, shoot me a message via the contact form or DM me on Instagram. 

Burn: Tumbler is 9 oz and lasts 40-45 hours; perfect for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, entry way. Tin is 4 oz and lasts 20-25 hours; perfect for a bathroom or powder room. That's over 60 hours of burning bliss in this lil kit!

Have questions not answered here? Shoot me a message on my contact form or on Instagram at @dogcandleco. I'm here for you!